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Alcoholism is a complex disease that can consume a person’s life, making all of their other priorities and obligations in life take a back seat. For those who have become dependent on the substance, it is imperative to seek alcoholism treatment.

Sometimes there is great prejudice toward those who suffer from alcoholism due to the belief that it is a completely selfish act, but it is important to remember that you are dealing with a very sick person. They are victims of this potentially fatal disease that effects both their mind and their body. Alcoholics struggle with both a mental obsession and physical craving for alcohol that causes them to lose the power of choice when it comes to whether or not they will drink. At Drug Rehab Brooklyn, we understand the complexities of this disorder and strive to provide the best care possible. To find out more about the alcoholism treatment programs and services we provide, call (718) 749-0907.

Why Rehab?

Those who have suffered from long-term alcoholism have built up a natural dependence for alcohol that can leave them vulnerable to many dangers if they try to quit on their own. Alcohol dependence can cause a variety of symptoms of withdrawal that can be extremely uncomfortable and potentially harmful when the substance is absent from the system for extended periods of time. Some of the symptoms of withdrawal can cause body tremors, nausea, seizures and sometimes even fatal consequences.

Here at Drug Rehab Brooklyn, we have a medically trained staff that specializes in addiction to help our clients through the detoxification process. A doctor will evaluate the individual’s physical state and monitor them to ensure that when we detox the body, it is a safe and comfortable experience. Medical science has come a long way in the field of addiction recovery and there are various medications that will help the body lose its dependence from alcohol.

Treatment and Recovery

Alcoholics have turned to drinking as a solution for their problems, until the day comes where it is now the source of virtually every problem in their life. Our goal is to help create a foundation for our clients to learn how to live with the proper recovery tools to deal with situations. Through both individual and group therapy, our clients will be educated on the disease of addiction and learn alternative methods to living life without the use of alcohol. If you or a loved one is a victim of alcoholism, please don’t hesitate to call us today (718) 749-0907.

Effects of Alcoholism

The effects of long-term alcoholism do not just take their toll on a person’s personal life, but can also cause many health issues. Although someone may not feel physically ill during their addiction to alcohol, their internal organs are being effected by their drinking. The main organs that can be damaged from years of drinking are the heart and liver, and this can sometimes be irreversible damage if a person does not seek alcohol treatment before it’s too late.

The body will also build a natural dependence for alcohol eventually. Some people do not realize that they are experiencing symptoms of withdrawal, but only know when they drink, these symptoms go away. When alcohol is consumed in excess on a regular basis for long periods of time, the body will crave it in the same way that it will tell the person it needs water when they are dehydrated. When alcohol is absent from the system for extended periods of time, the addict will begin to have symptoms of withdrawal that can include body tremors or “the shakes”, nausea and a potential for seizures as well. In extreme cases, the symptoms can be fatal when not monitored by a doctor.


Brooklyn Alcohol Treatment Centers uses the latest in addiction medicine to help our clients have a safe and comfortable detoxification process. An addiction specialist will conduct an evaluation for each client when they enter treatment in order to plan the best course of detox. The client will learn what effects their alcoholism has had on their body. Detox of alcohol can be painful and uncomfortable, but with the use of non-narcotic medication, it can be manageable. It is the first step in the recovery process.

Once the mind and body is cleared from alcohol, therapy can begin. Our clients will go through both individual and group therapy to help them build a healthy foundation of recovery. Our goal is not only to educate our clients on the disease of addiction, but we will also help find the source of their triggers that have been blocking them from being able to stop drinking.

Some addicts also suffer from a dual diagnosis, which means they have underlying mental health issues that could have been a source of their drinking as well. There have been great advances made in medications that are able to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and many other illnesses without the use of narcotic medicine.

If you or a loved one suffer from substance dependence, and need help quitting, call the addiction specialists at Drug Rehab Brooklyn today at (718) 749-0907.

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