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Drug treatment helps people who are addicted to and have compulsions to use drugs. Drug treatment centers are places where therapies and medications help people withdraw from drugs, stay clean and continue a sober life long-term. Drug treatment centers also treat any co-existing mental and physical disorders, and have aftercare services to help people maintain sobriety once they finish inpatient treatment. At Drug Rehab Brooklyn, our programs are designed to give patients the tools they will need to turn their lives around and prevent a future relapse. For more information, call (718) 749-0907.

Who Needs Treatment?

People who abuse drugs or alcohol need help from drug treatment centers, as most can’t stop on their own. Signs of drug abusers are:

  • People who continue to use drugs despite the harmful and negative effects.
  • People who cannot stop using drugs, even if they desire to do so.
  • People who feel withdrawal symptoms if they try to decrease or stop drugs.
  • People who needs more of the substance to gain the same effects.
  • People who use isolation and deception to hide drug use.
  • People whose physical appearance and health are deteriorating.
  • People who lie, steal and cheat to obtain drugs.
  • People who socialize mainly with other people who use or sell drugs.
  • People who are isolated from loved ones to use drugs without interference.

Treatment Options

Choosing the most effective drug treatment option increases the chances for a success recovery.

Residential treatment programs refers to people living at the drug rehab center during treatment. This is a highly recommended option as psychological drug cravings and relapse are acute at this point. People residing in the center are monitored around the clock, given medications and therapies are instantly administered to alleviate symptoms. Residential treatment will administer therapies and medications for stabilization, improving the probabilities of lasting sobriety without relapse, once treatment is completed.

Outpatient treatment usually refers to people receiving drug treatment, but they don’t reside at the facility. Outpatient treatment is best suited as aftercare treatment after a residential treatment program has been completed.

Illegal and Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

Whether drug abuse is prescription or street drugs, both have the same detrimental effects once a person is physically and mentally dependent on substances. Addiction rehab is needed to help people reach and maintain healthy lifestyles  and sustainable sober lives. Street drugs such as heroin and cocaine have the highest potential for abuse with no known medical uses, but prescription opiate painkillers and amphetamines are also dangerous and harmful when abused.

A medical detox, therapies and aftercare recovery programs are needed for successful treatment and sobriety.

What should I look for in a treatment center?

  • Effective treatment centers hold an accreditation from the state they are located in.
  • Professionals who work within the center should hold licenses.
  • Check the philosophy of the treatment plans, the most effective ones base their philosophy on 12-step recovery programs.
  • Check the client-to-counselor ratio to ensure they have adequate staff.
  • Ask about the range of services from detox through aftercare.

A reputable treatment center will answer any and all questions you may have.

How Do I Get Help?

Drug Rehab Brooklyn is an accredited facility with licensed and qualified addiction specialists who treat a wide array of substance abuse and dependence issues. We can help you or a loved one choose the most effective treatment options. Help is only a phone call away. Call us today at (718) 749-0907.

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